This carburetor is tailored towards the naturally aspirated crowd. When you’re looking to turn some serious RPM and get every ounce of horsepower out of your engine without having a fluctuation in fuel curve, the Assassin Series can do just that. Some factory style “run of the mill” carbs can be sufficient down low or great in the middle and way off up top.  This is where having a nice perfected custom calibrated fuel curve comes into play. We can offer this carburetor in a billet or cast form.


  • Cast or billet center section on 4150-4500
  • Billet boosters per application
  • IRD billet pro stock metering blocks
  • IRD billet base plate for 4150 designs
  • Cast aluminum fuel bowls with big sight windows
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • Track tested and proven race winning designs

**Compatible with gas, E85, Alcohol