DXP “Street” 4150

This carburetor has been race track tested and race proven to be faster than the competition’s 1050 Dominator by a tenth and 4 mph!! This was completed at the US Street Nationals in January of 2020!  Need we say more… This carburetor is a spec carburetor as per Duck X Productions. This means the following: The carburetor cannot be any bigger than 1.750 inches at the base plate opening and is limited to a single carburetor and a stock cast base plate 4150 bolt pattern.


  • Highest flowing 4150 on the market with over 1050 wet CFM
  • Holley cast base plate and main body
  • Adjustable external linkage
  • IRD billet metering blocks that are fully tuneable for unparalleled fuel curve and fast shift recovery
  • Thermal coated fuel bowls with big sight windows
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • Down-leg style boosters
  • High flow needle and seats
  • GAS,Q-16,E-85,C-85, C 12 ,C16, C23, C45, & No2 which are the approved fuels to use for this class.