K4 Series 4500 Dominator

Our K4 series Carburetors follows along the same lines as the Rated R Carburetor.  This carb is made for a cast aluminum center section custom calibrated per application. It’s features:

  • Cast main body tumble finished (dominator) and shiny aluminum for our 4150 designs
  • Custom boosters per application
  • IRD Billet base plate for our 4150 designs
  • Adjustable throttle linkage 4150/4500
  • Cast aluminum fuel bowls with big sight windows
  • IRD K4 billet metering blocks (2 or 3 circuit design per application)
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • High flow needle and seat custom to your specs
  • Compatible with Gas,E85,Alcohol
  • All carbs can be hard anodized for a extra 200.00 recommended for E85 and alky combos
  • Cory bullock mutable street race winner in texas with his nitrous fed small block/ JR bova BBC nitrous fed big tire winner