When this carburetor hit the market, it took the blow through world by storm! This carburetor currently holds the record for the Fastest LS Based blow through Procharged Ultra Street combination in the country. Running 4.70’s at 3400lbs with IRD Racing Carburetors customers Mike and Tony Rimair!! They use a stage 2 Rated “R” blow through carburetor on M1 fuel and are looking to punch into the 4.60’s!

The IRD Racing Carburetor shop car runneredup at the world street finals running Extreme street/LDR class. The 1969 Nova runs our stage 3 Rated “R” blow through on alcohol and at 3508 LBS we have been 4.38 at 171.23 MPH on a leaf sprung 275 car! This makes it one of the most powerful blow through cars in the country pound for pound.

These carburetors are made with the finest billet pieces to handle extreme boost. We offer different levels of HP capabilities and styles to accommodate the racer in need. This carburetor is capable of providing enough fuel to support 3300 HP on alcohol and has been race track tested and proven!!


  • Fully billet design with improved radius upon air entry for more flow
  • Rated R Boosted Billet metering blocks for greater fuel flow and perfected fuel curve under boost pressure
  • Billet boosters calibrated to your specs for excellent fuel atomization and greater signal strength
  • O ring sealed for zero boost leaks
  • Available from 4150-4500 series and also Max Series Carburetors depending on application
  • Billet fuel bowls with dual needle and seats capable of handling up to 3300 hp with the right fuel pump on alcohol
  • External linkage stainless hardware to fight against corrosion
  • Real world tested and race track proven winning design
  • Great for turbo/ProCharger applications
  • We are an authorized ProCharger dealer and offer 20% off the carburetor price when you buy a blower at the same time through our company.